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Design, Product Design, & Marketing Campaign

Character Design, 

Product Design, Branding, Web Design, Marketing

migo transparent.png

Migo - Character Creation

This proposed project is a marketing campaign for a children’s television series that would be available via the Disney+ streaming app. The goal, or design challenge, was to create a specific brand identity for the character and the series with the branding guidelines flowing over into all aspects of the marketing campaign.

The design process included creating a lovable character that is branded with a typographic wordmark and color palette that reflects Migo’s personality and story. Migo’s branding elements will translate throughout the entire marketing campaign, creating a cohesive story and iconic brand for the viewers to recognize and love.

The impact of this project is to showcase my work creating a cohesive brand that markets a character through a campaign meant to evoke excitement from its target audience, which are children ages 2-12 and their parents. This project will emphasize my skill and interest in creating marketing campaigns for the entertainment industry.



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