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3D Modeling

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Nice to meet you!  My name is Miranda Nickell and I am a digital multimedia design artist living partially in Ohio and Florida with my husband and four kids!  

After having owned my own health and fitness businesses for over 12 years, my love for design and marketing catapulted me into a new career path. 


Fast forward to now, I have since completed a 4-year bachelor degree in Digital Multimedia Design through Penn State University with a 3.87GPA in just 2 years while working full-time in marketing.

My long-term goals are to collaborate with a highly motivated team to create eye-catching content, products, and imagery and continue to learn and grow as an environment artist, game asset designer, digital artist, and graphic designer.  I want to help create products that generate smiles, hence why I have a love of the entertainment and gaming industries!

Please take a moment to look at my work.  I appreciate your time!

Miranda Nickell
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